Our Basics Bali Reptile Rescue

Our Basics

Bali Reptile Rescue

Free Reptile Removal and Rescue Service 24hour

0821 4638 0270


If you see a snake please dont try to catch it or chase it away

Just watch where it goes and give us a ring

A snake hiding in one place is easy for us to remove

But a scared snake somewhere in a huge clump of bamboo is virtually impossible to find

Bali Reptile Rescue is a small but dedicated group of volunteers who specialise in three main things with reptiles

Education Rescue Relocation

For far too long reptiles in Indonesia have been seen as only good for either food or fashion articles like shoes and handbags

It is only recently that conservation and environmental awareness has forced people to begin to understand the huge role reptiles play in Indonesian ecology

Indonesia has been blessed with some of the worlds most magnificent animals and our group wants to help preserve as many of these as we can before they disappear forever

With Bali becoming more populated every year because it is such a wonderful place to live; more and more forest and farming land is becoming cleared for housing
This removes habitats and brings more people into contact with displaced reptiles such as snakes lizards and fresh water turtles

Contact usually results in the death of the reptiles through human fear of the unknown
That is why Education about reptiles is so important and our priority here is educating the children to show them how interesting and wonderful their native animals are
Relocation lets us come to your home or workplace and safely remove any reptiles that are causing you concern
Rescue is where we treat and rehabilitate injured reptiles

Donations can be very easily made using Paypal which costs you nothing to send money
Anything at all is very gratefully accepted
Our Paypal is balireptilerescue@yahoo.com

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Bali Reptile Rescue

Free Reptile Removal and Rescue Service 24hour

0821 4638 0270


  Snakes Commonly Found in Bali


(Trimeresurus insularis) White Lipped Green Pit Viper

Venomous and will defend itself vigorously.

Usually found in trees but quite happy in cupboards etc 



(Naja sputatrik) Javan spitting Cobra

Very venomous and should not be approached as very defensive if attacked. They can spit venom and hit you in the eyes every time from a distance of 2 metres resulting in a lot of pain and temporary blindness. Mostly seen as dull brown but some are almost black in colour. Most of the time they do not flare their hoods so this can make casual identification difficult. Usually found at ground level but can climb quite actively when chased. Often live in old rat holes etc so its a good idea to fill any holes you find around your garden.


 (Ophiophagus hannah) King Cobra. 

Largest of the venomous snakes on Earth. The biggest we have relocated in Bali was 5.3metres. These magnificent snakes are not commonly seen but we are tracking several and know exactly where to find them. In 2013 we hatched out and released 106 baby kings and this year are aiming to relocate even more. Our king cobra tours are turning up some spectacular kings


                          Banded coral snake (Calliophis intestinalis) Ular cabai

                Bungarus fasciatus (Banded krait-ular wellang)

Bungarus candidus (Banded Krait-ular welling)

Possibly the most deadly snake here.. We have never seen one longer than 1200mm but there are reports of larger ones in Java... These have definitely caused deaths in Bali

The one in this picture is the most commonly seen colour but others are nearly jet black with no white 



Laticauda colubrina

(Boiga Dendrophil) 
Mangrove snake or gold-ringed cat snake

 Gold Ringed Mangrove snake are mildly venomous very attractive snakes of no danger to humans but will defend themselves strongly. As shown here they are not just black and gold but also come in black with white rings and there are also red and gold ones in Java

(Boiga cynodon) Dog-toothed cat snake


(Boiga Nigriceps) Black-headed cat snake

(Ptyas mucosa) Oriental rat snake. Ular Jali

Beautiful fast moving harmless snake which grows to over 3 metres

Checkered keelback (xenochrophis piscator)

Harmless and usually found in or near water

                                     (Lycodon capucinus) Wolf snake

                       This beautiful little harmless snake moves very quickly 

                                          but only grows to about 80cm

                                (Lycodon subcinctus) White.banded wolf snake

                                Malayan Banded Wolf Snake - Ular cicak belang

                                            Harmless :Maximum 90 cm.


                           (Xenopeltis unicolor) Sunbeam snake
Usually less than 1 metre in length
 and most commonly seen in or near water

Painted Bronzeback (Dendrelaphis pictus)
These are harmless Tree Snakes commonly brought home by cats


                            (Ahuetella prasina) Vine Snake
                   harmless tree snake grows to nearly 2 metres
                    Looks like a ribbon dancing through the trees

                                      Reticulated Pythons 
                                can reach over 5 metres in Bali 
                                  but are harmless to humans 
                         and will only bite if attacked or provoked

                                           Burmese python 


                                  (Juvenile Ahaetulla prasina)
    Brown coloured vine or whip snake very uncommon colour in Bali

               (Ramphotyphlops braminus) Blindsnake - Ular buta
                                  wire snakes, worm snakes
           Body length up to 175 mm, but rarely longer than 15 cm. 

                                 and mostly about 10 cm or less.

                                   (Coelognathus flavolineatus) 
                Yellow Striped Ratsnake, Malayan Black Tailed Racer


                              (Pareas carinatus) Ular siput


                                    Rat Snake (Ptyas korros)

                                 (Xenochrophis melanozostus)
                                   Javan keelback water snake

                                    (Rhabdophis chrysargos)
                               Spotted or speckle belly keelback 


                                    (Gonyosoma oxycephalum) 
                        Red-tailed Green Ratsnake or Red-tailed Racer
                                                 Ular Bajing

                          Radiated rat snake (Coelognathus radiatus)

Paradise tree snake


Striped keelback Xenochrophis vittatus

Sibynophis geminatus Collared snake Striped litter snake

                       (Cerberus rynchops) dog-faced water snake

Accrochordus granulatus


The most important thing to understand about snakes is that they do not attack unless provoked.    Most bites come from people either seeing a snake and trying to kill it or from standing on a snake



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